Monday, November 12, 2012

Travel Joy!

The family of the little girl who shares the infirmary room with Hannes just got their travel dates!  They will be leaving to see her in about two weeks!  What joy!  What excitement!  I want to join them - stow away in their luggage - travel with them and spend time with my little one!  I can just imaging the excitement of packing and preparing to see a little life you have prepared and waited for for so long. 

The family of the other child in the infirmary brought him home last month!  He is full of joy at discovering the big world outside of his crib.  He is full of smiles, and laughter, and the wonder of the exploration of it all.  His family just posted a family photo and it is so fantastic to see him with his new family!!

I just cannot wait until the day we get our travel notice!!  What an amazing journey this is...

Won't you help us to get to the point of bringing Hannes home?

We have coffee, we have TShirts, we have gift cards, we have 2013 calendar photo magnets, even your Amazon purchases through the link on this blog will help to bring Hannes home.  Just check out the various opportunities on the right pane of our blog page.

You can be a part of bringing a boy to a family.  In the face of 143 million orphans, it is just one, but it will make a big difference to him. 

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