Friday, November 9, 2012

Realities of a heart defect

We started doing a bit more research on what Hannes's heart defect could mean.  I had a conversation today with the pediatric cardiologist that we intend to bring Hannes to when he gets home.  

To call up a popular pediatric cardiologist's office (he was recommended to us by three different people - two families and an adult cardiologist) on a Friday afternoon and hear that the cardiologist is standing right by the phone AND has no patients waiting for him AND he's willing to talk with you about a child you don't even have complete medical information for.  This felt alot like a MIRACLE. 
Like we suspected, it could be a very "easy to fix" problem, 
it could be something that is doing harm to his lungs and that may only be 
reversible if we can get to him in the next few months.  
The doctor was very clear to say that if this is the problem it is fatal if not treated soon.

He gave us very good advice for while we are visiting him and for our trip home.  He even gave us his personal email and will be available during our trip to answer any  questions or give us any advice he can. 

Again, we have to rely on the Lord.  The One who has created his heart exactly as it is - fearfully and wonderfully made - and loves him even more than we could ever hope to love him.  

Psalm 139:14
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made
Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. 

We are definitely falling in love with him - looking at his photo and imagining him in our arms,
preparing a place for him to sleep, clothes for him to wear...

Penguin boots that are beyond adorable!

And imagining his little feet in them!

We will love this little one for as long as God gives him to us.  

Please pray that God would continue to sustain Hannes's life 
that God would move the approvals and the dossier and the 
travel dates through quickly so that we can get to him as soon as possible.

Thank you!  More than anything we need your prayers - 
we could not do this without the body of Christ united with us in prayer for 
our family and our new little one.

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  1. Hannes is a doll baby. Praying you can hold him in your arms soon!