Thursday, November 1, 2012

November is...

Lend some support to an adopting family... ours or check out for some families who are taking a leap of faith and bringing a child into their family.  The road can be long and filled with unexpected difficulties and sometimes just plain disheartening.  Even a $5.00 donation can be so encouraging to families.  God can take your $5.00 and multiply it to be enough to bring these kids home.

Give an adopting family a hug, bring them a cup of coffee or a bunch of flowers.  Show you care by babysitting for a family who is adopting to give them a break... give them an outfit for the new child, or a toy.  Send a note with an encouraging word... there are so many ways to celebrate National Adoption month!!  We have all been adopted into God's family, so celebrate Adoption!

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