Friday, October 5, 2012

Loving from afar...

How is Hannes today?  Is he tired or does he have a cough?  Is he interacting with the other children around him?  Does he get out of his crib today?   I pray for him.  That he would feel You Jesus, and know that You love him and will send a mommy for him.

It is so hard not to be with him and know what each of his days are like.  A bit of information from those who have seen him is so precious to us.

A mommy for another child playing peek-a-boo with him warms my heart.  Having her whisper to him that he is loved and his mommy is coming is like the whisper of Jesus into his soul.  Thank you Lord that in the midst of my being so far away from him, You show up in the form of another mommy singing "Jesus Loves You" to him.  You are always with each of us.  Thank you, Lord for knowing what we need and then giving it to us.


  1. Julie, really could he be any more adorable! Love and best wishes for your journey to this beauty from a RR warrior who also has an extra special daughetr with smith magenis syndrome! I will be following along with your come by and link up your story and posts on my forget-me-not friday bloghop xxxx

    1. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey!! We are longing for the day we can go and see him and bring him home!!