Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Step Closer...

We are coming little one!

We have just sent our dossier docs to another family who will carry them to our little one's country next week to be translated.  We are now waiting for US Immigration approval.  Once we get approval, our dossier can be officially submitted to his country's government.  Then we wait for them to grant us permission to come over there and finalize our adoption.

We expect our wait to be about 9 weeks after our dossier is submitted until we fly there!

I have been so nervous, second-guessing our paperwork - unable to sleep, worrying if I did everything right... today I am relaxed.  I have done what I can and now we wait.  We will get an appointment for yet another set of fingerprints, and we will go as quickly as we can for that.  But the rest is waiting and raising support so that we will have all the funds we need for traveling over there and the many expenses we will have to finalize this adoption.

Please pray with us that approvals would be granted in time for submission of our dossier before the end of the month.  Pray also that God would provide the funds that we need to complete this adoption.  

Every day that goes by our little one waits in his crib, spending most of his day and all of his night in his crib.  I ache to hold him in my arms, to hold him tight and let him know that he is very precious and loved!  

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