Friday, November 16, 2012

Cost of Adoption

Many have wondered about the costs of adoption.  Most international adoptions are around $25,000 or more when all is finished.

What is all that money for?

The costs will vary depending on the part of the country that you live in.  Each state seems to be different in what they charge.

Here are the approximate costs for an international adoption in California:

Home Study $5,000 (includes application fee, gas for social worker home study, and follow up visits)
Paperwork costs (notary, apostille, fees for fingerprinting etc.)  $2,000
In Country Fee (includes social worker, legal representation, orphanage donation, translation of docs) $9,000

Travel to the country:  $5,000
Travel home for the child: $1,000
Housing while in country for 6 weeks:  $3,000
Visa for child to fly to US: $300
Child's Passport: $1,000
Child's Birth Certificate: $300
Medical exam for child: (required by US Immigration) $200
Food while in country: $2,000
Travel within the country: $700

The first adoption we were able to cover all of the costs.  This adoption we are asking if anyone would like to join in and consider assisting us to give a home, a family, and medical care to one of the millions of orphans and abandoned children in the world.  You may not be in a position to adopt, but you could help us to bring this little one home.  We would love to do this with all of our own money.  But Hannes is in desparate need of medical care for his heart defect.  We don't have time to save up all the money that would be required.  Please consider giving for Hannes's sake.  We have lots of great opportunities to do your Christmas shopping!  Coffee, TShirts, gift certificates, and even your Amazon purchases made through our link will help to bring Hannes home as quickly as possible.  We appreciate your help and your prayers more than you will ever know.  Thank you does not begin to express the joy in our hearts for those of you who have already given.  Blessings!

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