Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Amazing Race

It does feel like an amazing race to beat a deadline.  The country that Hannes is in will take a break at the end of this month for the winter and will not accept dossiers until February 1.  So we are in a race to get our dossier submitted before the end of this month.

We received our home study in the mail today.  We then turned around and sent one copy to Immigration.  We are awaiting their approval before we can submit our dossier to our country.

We are also going to apostille our dossier documents tomorrow in downtown Los Angeles.  An apostille is the state's seal that the document is official for use in another country.

Once we have those documents in hand with the state seal, we will overnight them to another family who is leaving on Sunday to travel to the same country that our dossier is going to.  They will hand carry them overseas for us and give them to the facilitators in country.

The facilitators will then translate the documents into the language of the country.  Once our US immigration approval is received, and our dossier has been translated, we can submit.

We are praying that it all comes together before the end of the month!  Please join us in asking God for his mercies in orchestrating all that needs to happen in order for us to bring Hannes home as soon as possible in order to get him the care that he urgently needs!!

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