Sunday, January 6, 2013

Plane Tickets!!

We have booked our plane tickets!!

We leave for our little ones country 
February 8
(that's 33 days from now)

We have one stop in the US
one stop in Germany
and then we get to our little ones country 
the next day... 

6 time zones later
and since I have had zero success sleeping on planes in the past,
I'm sure I will be very tired...

we have a day to rest
before we have our appointment
to ask permission to adopt him.

Thank you to all of you who have helped us get to this point!
There is still time to help us out.  We can accept contributions until we return home, so if you haven't been able to help and are wanting to - you can contribute to bringing Hannes home at the link below:

Today's Joy Dare: 
(counting 1000 blessings in 2013 just three a day via

16.   In my Bag -
So thankful for The Valley of Vision,  prayers of wise ones who have lived before me.

17.   In the Fridge -
So thankful that God provides all that is in the fridge...including that amazing cinnamon butter!!

18.   In my Heart -
So thankful that God has shaped my heart to be more like His over these past few years  - my love for my children has grown, my heart breaks for the orphans who have nothing and noone, and He is giving my husband and I heart vision for tired, stressed, and hurting people. 

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