Monday, January 14, 2013

Joy in the Journey

Giving Thanks to the Lord for all things - 
daring to find joy in 1000 things in 2013

3 yellow gifts of fresh mercy

31.   lemons that take the marks away
32.   sunlight kisses on my face
33.   yellow note reminding me: The Word of God is my sanctuary

Something above, below, and beside

34.   Thankful for the crisp air that makes all things fresh
35.   The rag rug that was made with love, warm for my feet
36.   My husband, beside me in all things

Things about yourself that you are grateful for

37.   My love for all things Jesus
38.   My heart for the children, little and big
39.   The wisdom gained from struggle

3 Startling graces of God

40.  to love me in spite of who I am
41.  to give me children I love wholeheartedly
42.  to make all things beautiful

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