Monday, October 27, 2014

Where in the world are the van Heerden's going?

Wow! What a view!

We adopted Julia in 2012 and while we were there
we also did a survey trip for our Oasis.

We stayed in a most amazing apartment 
with fabulous views...

I relax just looking at them again!


being on the side of a mountain has distinct disadvantages
when traveling with children.

Safety railings are minimal and a tumble 
off the steps is a three story drop
to concrete below...

NOT relaxing!

So, for our Oasis,
intended to give weary missionaries
relaxation and rest,
a mountain top experience
might not be the best.

So we looked at the surrounding area

we checked out properties in Strand
in Fish Hoek
in Hout Bay
in Simons' Town

and decided that a place on the ocean
in the valleys
on flat land
would be the best location for our Oasis!

So when we arrive
we will search out properties
in the greater Cape Town area
for our 
South African Oasis!

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