Thursday, October 9, 2014


 What a little love!

Hannes is doing well.  
All of his birth defects have now been repaired!

He is growing...
from a toddler to a 
little boy!

We are so grateful to all who have 
followed our journey
prayed and donated 
to bring this little one home!

It is hard to think about what his life would be like
if we hadn't adopted him

He was living in Lugansk
and that part of Ukraine
has been under heavy fighting
for a while now...

The orphanage has been evacuated
the facilitator has fled
The buildings have been bombed

There is no water
no electricity
very little food

I can't even imagine what it looks like
or what the people still living there
are dealing with.

My heart hurts for all the pain and despair...

and I hug Hannes just a little bit tighter
so very glad he is with us.

There are two little ones that we met
while we were in Ukraine for 
Hannes's adoption.

They were with Hannes and we saw them
every day
for the five weeks we were there.

A little girl and her big brother.
She was around a year and her brother around 2.

They wrapped themselves around our hearts.
They have a family waiting to adopt them.
The war has interrupted their plans
and they have been waiting
and waiting
and waiting
and they just got permission to travel to them
in the place they have been evacuated to 

This is a miracle!
Their mom will be flying to Ukraine this Saturday!
You can help!

These two children are dear to our hearts
please click on this link and help them get home!

They have been in the midst of a war!
They deserve to come home to peace!

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