Thursday, October 23, 2014

Soon and very soon...

The South Africa Oasis

We are in the final stages of funding our ministry...

We will be relocating to Cape Town, South Africa 
as God provides the full measure of our support
in the next two months!

Did you know that more than 6,000 missionaries
will quit and come home unnecessarily this year?

Missionaries and cross cultural ministry workers
face many stressors:

language barriers
cultural stress
conflict with coworkers
feeling inadequate
needs of the children
are just a few...

We plan to provide missionary care
through biblical counseling 
practical encouragement 
for families - offering a place
for families to come to 
rest, relax, and reconnect.

We need partners
folks just like you
who will
pray for us
and the families we will serve.
And offer monthly
financial support
just $5 or $10 monthly
will serve these families!

47% of missionaries leave their work
within the first 5 years!

Help us help them to stay on the field
ministering the Gospel to a needy world!

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