Thursday, February 28, 2013

God's Timing in all things!

Sometimes God's timing is not the same 
as our timing...

We are not having court tomorrow.
The paperwork did not make the early train 
in order to be here in time
for our court appointment tomorrow.

The next available court date was
next Friday


our translator was able to
get the judge to agree to see us
during her lunch break on
Monday, March 4. 

We are disappointed to have to wait another 3 days,
but very grateful that the judge would 
agree to see us during her lunch break.  

In other new,
today is the 

one year anniversary

of our adoption of Julia!!

We are very sad that we are not with her to celebrate, 
but we will give her plenty of hugs and kisses 
and special gifts when we return.

Meanwhile, Grandma and Jacob are planning something
special for her today...  

This has been really hard, 
being away from the children for so long...

Please pray for strength and stamina for us.
We are feeling very weary.

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