Saturday, February 2, 2013

finding joy in 100 things so far this year...

Giving Thanks to the Lord for all things - 
daring to find joy in 1000 things in 2013

43.  worn - comfy pair of jeans
44.  given away - kisses for my littles
45.  shared - tears and prayers for another mom who got hard news today

3 witnessed blessings:
46.  another mom giving my child her dearest wish
47.  a dental hygenist being so very comforting to a nervous little boy
48.  the will being yielded for another

A gift bringing:
49. laughter - tickles at the beginning of a day
50. prayer -the hard that is coming
51. quiet - a sleep over at big sister's house

3 Gifts from God's Word:
52.  the joy of the Lord is my strength
53.  I have no good apart from You
54.  Abide in Me and I in you.

3 Gifts that might have never been:
55.  Nate
56.  Noah
57.  Julia

3 Gifts only seen close up
58.  the snuggles of a little
59.  the nudge of a cat
60.  the love of a man

A gift in:
61. sky:  travel to my new son
62. water:  life to my body
63. memory:  my daddy

A gift:
64. wrinkled:  my hands as they age
65. smoothed:  cheeks of a child
66. unfolded:  the unfolding redemption of an unwanted child

3 Gifts found in Christ:
67.  Grace
68.  Strength
69.  Joy

3 things blue:
70.  an adorable penguin shirt on a 6 year old
71.  love and encouragement in a blue case
72.  a house made into a home

A Grace:
73. borrowed:  my children borrowed from the Lord
74. found: patience
75. inherited: compassion

A Gift:
76. before dawn:  the cat and her love
77. at noon: joy at lunch
78. after dark: beautiful full moon

3 Gifts in the Kitchen
79. a husband who cooks
80. a husband who takes care of the dishes
81. a table full of friends and family

3 Graces found in friends:
82. a woman reaches out to a new heart momma
83. a prayer given to me for the hard
84. grace given when her daughter was hurt

85.  A song heard: kings and queens
86.  A soft word: love whispered in my ear
87.  Light seen: joy in my daughter's eyes

3 Old things seen new:
88.  bedspread to diaper bag
89.  wool sweaters to diaper covers
90.  me being made new

A gift:
91.  on a paper: a note of love
92.  in a person: a child who loves
93.  in a picture:  photos of Hannes

3 Gifts red:
94.  a warm blanket on a cold night
95.  blood still pumping through a broken heart
96.  wearing red in honor of CHD kids

3 Gifts on paper:
97.  my life in a binder
98.  a letter from a friend
99.  all in order if I am with Jesus

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