Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Adoption Day Julia Babes!!

Two Years!!

Two years ago today we adopted Julia!

Those two years have gone by fast!

Julia has grown!
She wore a 2T when she came home
she is now in size girls size 6x!

She was a bit shy and wasn't sure what it meant to be in a family
today she is filled with joy and sass and loves being in a family
she is an older sister, a younger sister, and an aunt!

She is confident and learning
gaining control over her emotions 
and her wiggles
long enough to color and learn
numbers and letters and sounds and all
she loves to have books read to her 
as she grows she understands more and more
about the beginning of her life
and has questions 
and tears
and anger
and sorrow
and longing
It isn't easy
this redeeming a life
but God is with us
giving us what we need
when we need it
and we are filled with Joy!
Happy Adoption Day
We love you!!
The judge who granted our adoption holding Julia - February 28, 2012

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