Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eleven Months!

Hannes has been home for 11 months now...

Last year at this time we were still waiting for our court date.  

We had met him on February 13
and we visited him 
every day, 
twice a day...
We were getting to know him
it was amazing 
and fun
and hard,
very hard. 
We weren't his parents yet
but we were going to be his parents
and that in-between was 
fun and difficult.

And now, nearly a year has gone by...

He is blooming!

He seems to have exploded in his learning this last month.

He is playing much more purposefully with his toys

He recently began sitting still for a time
(we actually finished a meal at a restaurant!!)

He has learned that cuddles are nice and will come to get cuddles now

He gives hugs and kisses - in response to a request and a few times he has initiated it!

He will come when we call him (so he knows his name)

He will stop what he's doing if we say no
(well, he is 2, so most times he will listen)
He is beginning to prefer us to others

He interacts with his brother and sister - entering into their play

He has learned slowly, but steadily over the past 11 months
and we are so in love with him...

 Like Father, Like Son...        
In one month, he will have been home for a year!  

What a year it has been...

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