Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blessing beyond measure...

It was about a year ago
give or take a week
when we committed to Hannes...
all we really knew of him 
was this photo 
and the fact that he had a 
congenital heart defect.

But God knew him.
And God knew us.

And we believe that one year ago, 
God asked us
if we would adopt Hannes.

We could have said no.

There were a lot of unknowns.

And we always said we would never adopt from Eastern Europe.
And we couldn't fit three car seats in our car, so we'd need another car.
(And Julie had successfully raised two kids to adulthood 
without that dreaded "m" word - 
she may or may not have 
at one point declared: I will never own a minivan)
And we both were raised in families of three kids - 
and KNEW we never wanted to have three... two or four, 
but not three little ones at once.

It's expensive.
We already adopted one.
You can't save them all.
There were alot of reasons why we could have said no.

Said no to God.

After all He has done for us.
He has blessed us beyond measure.
And we believe He asked us to.

God asked us...

there was really only one answer...

Yes, God.
We will do this.

It certainly wasn't an easy road.

But God doesn't always ask us to do easy.

And oh how God has blessed us in our obedience.

 Six months home.
With this little one.

Exploring a world he never even dreamed existed...

(who knew people raced pigs...)

Finding a pumpkin in 40 mile an hour winds...
(this boy who was amazed the first time he felt the breeze on his face)

With a family...
who loves him...

and know that in obeying God
even in the hard things...

There is bountiful blessing beyond measure...

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