Thursday, August 15, 2013

Four and a half months home!

Jacob captured this photo of Hannes!

We have really turned a corner 
now that we have been home 
for just over 
4 months!

Hannes will come to you when you call for him.
He seeks us out to be picked up.
He has given his first hugs!
He is smiling so much more now.
His walking is much more steady.
He is eating much thicker foods - 
mashed potatos, sloppy joes 
(if you put each spoonful in yogurt to "disguise" the texture...
 He can knock over lamps while climbing stairs!!
(it's his extend-o arms - they really are 
longer than they look!)

We are so delighted with all that he is!

We just sent photos of Hannes
to the orphanage and our translator
with another family
who is traveling now
to adopt their baby girl
from the same
orphanage that Hannes was in.
We were able to meet and take pictures 
of their little girl while we were there.

I love the unity of the families who 
are adopting children from Lugansk!

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