Thursday, July 25, 2013

Serving Those Who are Serving Him...

Dan and I have a heart for serving overseas Harvest workers...

But what does that mean?     How do we serve them?   
How can you come alongside them?

Any of us can serve by prayer, encouragement, monthly financial partnership 
and by meeting special one time needs.

And you can be a part of meeting a particular need of a particular family!!

Al and Christine
are serving 
with their 
four daughters
Ally, Maddy, Gabriella, and Isabella
in a sensitive area...

caring for the physical needs of the people nearby
by bringing them electricity, health care, and working
to fight human trafficking by helping to rescue women and children
out of slavery, running a restaurant in the local community 
and giving the people they encounter His hope for their future.

They need our help...
to buy homeschool curriculum 
for their daughters...

If we all band together, 
we are able to meet their need.


If you feel that God is leading you to serve 
this family who is serving Him,

Please click on the donate button on the top
right of this blog page...

any amount is gladly received
and together we can serve this family.

They have a relative leaving to visit them on August 8.
If we can raise the money, 
order the materials, 
and get it delivered to their family member before they leave

we can surround this family with our love!!

They are not serving alone
We are standing with them!!

Thank you.

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