Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Three Months Home!!

We are following the journey 
of another

who is currently at the same orphanage
as Hannes was.

We know of two more families 
coming for children
at the same orphanage 
later this summer.

The family who is there now
is just about finished.
They have had court,
they have gotten their paperwork,
they will soon be leaving the orphanage for the last time,
and their son will be leaving forever,
they will soon be going to Kiev,
they will do the US Embassy paperwork,
and will be coming home
in the next week or two.

It all feels so familiar....
so recent...
so much like our experience...

It's hard to believe we have been home
for three months!!

Hannes is a delight!

He is curious
He is adventuresome
He is exploring everywhere
He loves to walk all over the house
He loves to be outside
He loves the water
He loves his brothers and sisters
He is precise
He is purposeful
He is learning
and growing

Our hearts are full!


1 comment:

  1. He is doing wonderful !!! , Thank you for sharing.....beautiful pictures!!
    May our Lord continue pouring out His blessings on your family..

    Ines Wallace