Saturday, April 27, 2013

One Month Home!!

 We have been home for one month today!!

It has been a busy month!

We have seen:

2 Pediatric Cardiologists
Pediatric Heart Surgeon
International Adoption Clinic Physician
Pediatric Urologist

We have also had heart surgery!

We are now going to embark on:
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
 probably 2-3 times each week for each discipline
to see if we can't get this little one closer to being caught up!

The changes in him are subtle:

He has now gained about a pound.
He is smiling so much more than when we first brought him home.
He is exploring the whole house.
He loves the outside.
He isn't crying before, during, and after eating anymore, 
just a few whimpers before and after.
He LOVES to watch Jacob and Julia.
He is able to hold his own bottle while drinking - not that he always will...
He took his first independent steps on his own just today!!

We are in love with this little one!!
We love the redemption of a life played out in his life
as he touches the lives and hearts of everyone he has come into contact with
this month.

Happy One Month Home Hannes...

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