Thursday, December 27, 2012

Saddened by potential legislation...

We have been asked by many if the proposed ban on Russian adoptions would affect us...

No, we are not adopting from Russia.


I am saddened about the potential for children
now in institutions across Russia
not having the opportunity to be
adopted into a home or family.

Many have said that Russia should adopt their own children.
And yes, that would be best.  
But as reported in the news media recently
over 400,000 Russian children are 
currently not in the care of their own parents.

Russian children are only available for 
international adoption if
no available Russian home exists for them.

The waiting children have already been
abandoned by their birth families,
not adopted by any Russian families,
and now exist in an orphanage until they are 4 or 5,
after which they are transferred into adult mental institutions.

They don't do well there.

They need to be in families.
The country that adopts the most Russian children each year is America.
If that is not an option,
then many of those beautiful, innocent children
will remain in institutions for the rest of their lives.

It isn't right.

We need to pray.


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