Thursday, October 4, 2012


Preparing for a new child takes all kinds of different paths...

I am walking through Target and spot the clearance rack - I wonder what size Hannes is?  I wonder if I will need this cute sweater for him when I go to meet him - will it be winter where he lives?

We are cleaning up Jacob's bedroom - Hannes will share a room with him.  How will we rearrange the furniture?  Should he sleep in a crib?  That might be what he is used to.  Should we try to keep some things the same to give him some comfort when all will be changing around him?  Would he be ok in a toddler bed, feeling like a big boy now and not reminding him of where he has been?  Would a twin bed be way too big?  Bunk beds to conserve space for the boys?

The kids ask about him every day - "Mom, what is our little boy's name again?"  "Will he like us, or will he cry like Julia did?"  "I will share my cars with him, Mom."

We are preparing our hearts and our home for Hannes.

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