Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's not about me...

Today the pastor made a point that I really needed to hear's not about me. 

So many times life is pressing in... the stuff of life is always in front of me.  I get very caught up in my circumstances - very good things, biblical things even... that God doesn't seem to be doing... that I want Him to do... and I get discouraged. 

But it's not about me.  

God will work in my life in a way that will ultimately glorify Himself.  What brings Him glory will ultimately be for my good.  When people asked what sin the blind man or his parents committed that resulted in his being blind, Jesus said it wasn't a result of sin - but so that God would be glorified in his life. 

Jesus can conquer whatever is happening in your situation.  Why? So the world will see and believe in Him. 

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